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VULCAN POST  Why These Ladies Started A Salon In Bangsar That Won’t Cut Or Dye Your Hair Author’s Blurb: You know that whole ‘glow-up’ thing people talk about on social media? I think I hit my peak when I finally learned makeup skills, but one thing I’ve never bothered much with is my hair. In terms of hair, I’m still a total amateur, and I just don’t understand why I should put much effort into it (a basic ponytail is my go-to). Kim is the exact opposite of me. To her, a great hair day makes her feel ready to conquer the world, and she wants to share this feeling with other women in Malaysia.It all started when she found out about Drybar, a California based chain of salons that solely provides a hair styling service known as blowouts, while listening to the Girlboss podcast. Intrigued by the concept, she flew to London and met 3 blowdry bar owners to validate the idea and understand why it worked in the UK, and whether it could work in Asia. She realised then that there were many issues faced by clients while visiting regular hair salons, some of them being: inconsistent service, short-lived blowouts, getting pressured into paying for extra services, a limited selection of blowout styles, a top-up required for better shampoo, and a lack of inclusivity (the Chinese go to Chinese salons, and likewise for Malays and Indians). With the gap she’d identified in the market, Kim decided to address it by launching her own blowdry bar called COCOdry with her co-founder, Shan. Know Your Value Proposition Angel investors helped bring their dream to life, and COCOdry began operations in 2019. The reception area at COCOdry / Image Credit: COCOdry But I was curious about the Malaysian demand for blowdry services. With it being such a specific and relatively new concept to many of us, is there enough interest to sustain COCOdry’s business? Apparently, investors asked this exact question when she pitched to them. “My answer has always been the same: how often does a woman with long hair get her hair cut or coloured? Twice or thrice a year? And how often does a woman wash her hair in that same period?” she reasoned. “Why not create a space where they can drop by for a hair wash as often as they please? We’re playing on the frequency game.” The hair washing stations / Image Credit: COCOdry Then I thought, couldn’t we wash

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