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davines circle
The Circle Chronicles are a hair masking experience made for modern living.

The 7 unique hair masks in The Circle Chronicles line deliver fast and targeted results covering every need from deep nourishment with The Renaissance Circle, to detoxifying power with The Purity Circle.

Fit masking into your routine

These seven brand new masks were created to address different haircare concerns, all with a common denominator: immediate performance in 15 minutes or less.

Sustainably packaged

The packaging is CO2 neutral, and the carbon dioxide used to produce it is offset with reforestation projects.

The Purity Corcle hair mask is really awesome. I leave it on my head for about 10 minutes and shower it out. My hair is brought back to life with this stuff. It smells good and makes my hair easier to brush and style.

Arisa Zainal

I loooove using this on my hair when I need to feel like it’s being stripped of too much products or too much junk! It smells so good and it leaves my hair feeling so nice and clean C L E A N! And for a really great price!

Aida Amin

This mask is a holy grail find. From the cap design to make it resealable to the way my scalp feels when I use this each week, I'm in love. I've already gotten 3 uses out of it and probably have at least 2 more. I only wish it came in a larger size!

Sarah M
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