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How often should I wash my hair?



Honestly, there’s no universally correct answer for “How often should I wash my hair?” because every single scalp, hair type, lifestyle and weather all play a part into how often should you shampoo your hair.

Depending on your hair type, not washing your hair enough can cause flaky dandruff, irritation, clogged pores, and even hair loss, whereas washing too frequently can lead to stripped, straw-like hair, an increase in oil production, and scalp inflammation. 

So doesn’t mean that your friend can go on two to three days without washing their hair, you should too. For those with oily scalp, you may find that your hair is visibly dirty & greasy in less than one day! Fret not, we’re going to answer some of the questions you have in mind. 

“Washing your hair everyday is bad”  – FALSE

The opinion of experts are “Washing your hair too often is drying and damaging”.  That’s because many shampoos out there contain harsh chemicals like sulphates that are used to create lather.

Washing your hair everyday will NOT damage your hair if you use the RIGHT shampoo. Especially in warmer climates in Malaysia, it’s vital to get rid of sweat, oil & dirt that builds up through the day to prevent irritants from building up.

You should think about changing your shampoo your hair gets dried up every time you wash your hair.

As long as you use the RIGHT products for your scalp & hair, just like choosing the right skin care for your skin.


If you have damaged hair from colouring, chemical treatments and extreme heat styling, it leaves your hair strands dry and brittle. Make sure that your shampoo is paraben & sulphate free to not dry up your hair further! You can also try our Golden Rose Shampoo with selected golden rose essential oil, wasabi extract and certified organic foaming agent to leave your damaged colour treated hair elastic and shiny!


We know that you have been washing your hair everyday to prevent your head looking like a frying pan. Try our Sebo-control shampoo that helps rebalancing sebaceous secretions, making hair instantly lighter. And you’ll soon realise that you can wash your hair once every two days, just like your friends with normal hair!


If you have thinning hair, you should use scalp-stimulating shampoo like Nature’s Essence Energising shampoo that cleanses delicately while reactivating microcirculation of the epidermis and strengthens hair growth.


Itchy and red scalp? First of all, DON’T SCRATCH YOUR SCALP! Your nails are filled with bacterias which will be transmitted to your scalp. If you’re hoping to kick that itch to the curb, get the right shampoo to sooth your scalp, like Nature’s Lenitive Shampoo or O’right Dandelion Shampoo. These are our two top picks to combat itchy scalp


If your dandruff tends to occur seasonally, you might just have a dry scalp. Year-long flakes may indicate a skin condition, like psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, a kind of eczema. Go with Nature’s lenitive shampoo or Nature’s Anti-dandruff shampoo to stop leaving tracks on your car seat & your black shirt.

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