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COCOdry is the first blowdry bar in Malaysia. With our energy and good vibes, you’re in it for a great time and hair no matter where you’re heading to next!

When you’re stressed, we’re here to give you a head massage and wash all your problems away.
When you’ve a job interview or business presentation, we want you to feel confident about yourself.
When you’ve got a date tonight, we want you to leave the best first impression.
When you’re going to a party, we want your hair to move to the beat.
We’re always here (office-hours only) for all your little and big moments in life, and make you feel COCO-confident inside out.

Our feet are deeply planted in

Our feet are

deeply planted in


Ready to run the world like Beyonce? We’re committed to making women feel COCO-confident both inside and out!


We’re not just about hair! Our dream is to gather women and share all their journeys and passions. Our community is called COCOnation!


We’ve handpicked natural products that are good for your scalp & hair while making this world better through various sustainable practices.

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What We Have Done

My first time here was amazing. The staffs are super friendly and helpful. My stylist was Valeria, she’s super helpful in helping me decide which style to go for, for my hair. Will definitely recommend to all the ladies who want to pamper your hair. Will 100% come back. Thumbs uppp

Amilia Kamarudin

This place is awesome ! Did an updo for my birthday and the stylist really knew what she was doing! And the girl bosses behind coco bar were super friendly ! On top of that, they were generous enough to give free mocktail for the birthday girl 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️! 💯 would recommend!!

Arina Adnan

My hair feels so bouncy and shiny!!! I did the Circles hair treatment and picked out the "Crazy Rich Asian" for the styling. Ugh absolutely in love! Can't wait to come back @cocodry.co

Athina Kamarudin
COCOdry review

LOVE the place and the treatment! Then are all so friendly and helpful. Will definitely be coming here for their yogurt treatment again cause my hair is so soft and smells really good!

Amy Lais

women now feels COCOconfident inside out!

Wanna be a part of COCOsquad?

Join us today!

Wanna be a part of COCOsquad?

Join us today!

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