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O’right Cooling & Refreshing Scalp Spray

(1 customer review)


For oily, odorous scalp.

>95% Natural


*FREE of Paraben, Silicone, Sulphate, Sls/Sles, Allergen, & Formaldehydes

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1 review for O’right Cooling & Refreshing Scalp Spray

  1. eve.lim

    I’ve purchased the O’right Cooling & Refreshing Scalp Spray during my visit to COCOdry. It feels exactly as the name itself, REFRESHING & COOLING! I love applying it on my scalp before going to work in the morning. Amazing product! It does make a difference when your hair smells good and refreshing in the morning (not a morning person)! Thank you for the recommendation COCOsquad!

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The mint soothes and relaxes your scalp with a refreshing feeling while perilla extract eliminates scalp odour leaving you with a cool and burden-free feeling!

Usage: Towel dry hair. Spray on the scalp and massage with the finger tips gently. Blow dry hair afterwards. Spraying 4-6 times on scalp is recommended.

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