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Hair Growth Package- 6 Sessions

RM2,199.00 MYR

The Ultimate Hair Growth Treatment by combining our
COCOscalp Treatment** with Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)**
to combat a range of hair loss concerns, including hair thinning,
postpartum hair loss & hair loss prevention too.
Revive your scalp with the COCOscalp & end with the LLLT to get
those baby hair growin!


STEP 1:Ā Consultation & Scalp Analysis with our Three Spectrum Scalp Detector

STEP 2:Ā Run high frequency comb over scalp for 5 minutes
Rejuvenate scalp, nourish hair follicles, kill bacteria and stimulate scalp cells

STEP 3:Ā Apply Natureā€™s Essence Lotion on the scalp

STEP 4:Ā Shampooing with Natureā€™s Essence Range

STEP 5:Ā Apply Natureā€™s Essence Scalp Balancer

STEP 6:Ā Apply Natureā€™s Essence Vial on scalp with Nano Spray

STEP 7:Ā Run Bio-light over scalp
Increase collagen production, repair and stimulating hair cell growth

STEP 8: Sit under a Ā cold laser hair loss therapy for 20 minutesĀ  that extends
the hair follicle growth period & increases hair growth, suitable for
a spectrum of hair loss conditions.

Hair Growth Package- 6 Sessions

RM2,199.00 MYR