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Superfood Treatment


We all know that it’s important to eat our fruit and vegetables to help you look, feel and live better. We know it's good to EAT them, but do you know that it works wonders for your scalp and hair if you apply it on your hair? No need for DIY home remedies and the blender work, we’ve got just the right mess-free treatment for you!

Our Superfood Treatment is an anti-aging boost/ supplement for your scalp and your hair! This treatment offers maximum nutritional benefits, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.The main ingredients used in this treatment are derived from aloe vera, lemon, pomegranate, pumpkins and carrots which helps to boost the collagen on your scalp for a youthful scalp and voluminous hair! It also combats scalp aging and prevents the loss of your crowning glory!

Plus, its our Best Selling Treatment for those who are expecting! Boost collagen & nutrients that your scalp & hair needs with all the yummy and highly nutritious ingredients. Also, melt all the stress and tensions away when you indulge in our head, shoulder and neck massages!

This treatment includes 3 main stages:

  1. Scalp Booster Stage:
    Scalp and hair will first be shampooed with Viege Shampoo and a curated scalp smoothie with ingredients like red wine, pomegranate, okra, aloe vera, lemon and pumpkin will then be applied on your scalp based on your scalp condition  and massaged thoroughly. Collagen booster will then be applied on the scalp to hydrate it, making it more supple and restores the scalp's elasticity.
  2. Hair Repair Stage
    Immunity Kick Duo with precious blends of chia seed, quinoa, and pistachio oil will be applied on the mid-length and hair ends to repair the protein bonds of the cortex of the hair damaged from harsh chemicals and heat
  3. Hair Restoration Stage
    Smooth and Boun-tiful Shots (asparagus and burdock root extract chock-full with protective antioxidants) is applied to mid-length and hair ends to soften, moisturize and give your hair a nice, lightweight bounce! 


How often can you do this treatment?

We normally recommend once in two weeks or as often as you like! This treatment helps to restore and nourish your scalp and hair for an overall healthier hair and youthful scalp so the more regular you do this treatment, the better.


How many sessions is needed  to see results?
Normally hair is soft to touch and more manageable after one session but it also depends on the texture of your hair and the condition of the hair (very damaged or frizzy etc.)

Is this treatment suitable for all scalp and hair types?
Yes, it is! Depending on your scalp issue (hair loss, dry & flaky, itchy or even oily scalp), our COCOsquad will choose a Scalp Smoothie specially tailored for your scalp condition.

What’s the difference between Superfood Treatment and Davines Treatment/ O’right Treatment? 

All the 3 treatments are meant to maintain a healthy scalp and hair but the main ingredients and benefits are different for all 3 treatments!

    Superfood Treatment is a fruit and vegetables derived treatment mainly for anti-aging by boosting the collagen  production of the scalp and restoring & repairing damaged hair. As for the Davines Treatment, it is a multimasking treatment whereby you can mix and match different natural clay scalp and hair masks depending on your scalp and hair condition. The O’right Treatment, on the other hand, exfoliates buildup on the scalp and nourish & hydrates the hair ends with our yoghurt mask


    Oh, and did we mention that your scalp and hair will feel super refreshed and your hair will smell so good (smell almost good enough to eat!) after this treatment? Drop by and try it yourself!



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