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Treatment Bar

Handpicked natural scalp & hair treatments for all you hair care needs.

COCO Scalp Treatment

For serious scalp issues such as: dandruff, hair loss, greasy scalp & dry scalp. An 8-step treatment which includes scalp scanning with three spectrum scalp detector. Lotion & essence are selected according to scalp condition.

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Whether giving your scalp a break or your hair that extra shine our stylist will select 3 out of the 5 types of Circle Chronicles treatments to address individual needs of your scalp, lengths and ends!

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Perfect for frizzy, colour-treated & chemically processed hair. With ingredients that are found naturally in a hair strand such as nano cell membrane complexes (CMC), nano moisturising amino acids, lipids and proteins, this helps to restore your hair, leaving your hair feeling soft & smooth, just like your VIRGIN hair.

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O'right Yogurt treatment

Oโ€™right treatment helps to get rid of all that summer grease. Other than having natural ingredients to moistures and hydrate your dry hair, the smell of the lemon zest will make you leaving COCOdry feeling refreshed and recharged.

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