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COCO Scalp Treatment


COCO Scalp Treatment

Just like our skin, our scalp plays an important role in our everyday routine as well as our physical appearances and self-perception. Often, we do not give as much attention to our scalp care routine compared to our skincare routine.
BUT DID YOU KNOW your scalp ages 6 times faster than your facial skin?
Our scalp requires attention and care more often than you can think of. Scalp concerns will start occurring when there is a lack of scalp care routine.
Why is Scalp Important?
If your scalp is unhealthy, you’ll definitely face one of the many scalp issues which are hair loss, oily scalp, dry scalp, dandruff or your scalp might even be sensitive.
When your scalp is in a healthy and good condition, hair strands are given a healthy base to grow.
However, if your hair never seems to look its best, it’s time to get to the root of the problem.  
  • When your scalp is getting less attention, a whole lot of issues will arise. 7 steps  COCOScalp Treatment at COCOdry can help you tackle all these problems.

Step 1 - Consultation & Scalp Analysis with our Three Spectrum Scalp Detector 

Step 2 - Run high frequency comb over scalp for 5 minutes

  • Running frequency comb over scalp helps to rejuvenate scalp, nourish hair follicles, kill bacteria and stimulate scalp cells

Step 3 - Apply Nature’s Essence Lotion on the scalp

  • There are three different types of Nature’s Essence Lotion that are available to cater to different types of scalp conditions
  • Sebo Control Lotion is suitable for scalp with excess oil secretion and weak follicles.  
  • Intensive Detoz Lotion is suitable for scalp with hair loss problem and congested follicles
  • Lenitive Lotion is suitable for scalp with sensitive, dry, or dandruff problems. 
  • Nature’s Essence Lotion may vary every session depending on the current scalp condition.

 Step 4 –  Add-on Nature’s EXFO Peel if required. (optional)

  • Nature’s EXFO Peel contains Organic Chamomile Extract to purify and to hydrate the scalp. However, it is optional depending on the sensitiveness of your scalp.

Step 5 - Shampooing with Nature’s Essence Range

  • There are four types of shampoo in the Nature’s Essence Range.
  • Lenitive shampoo helps to treat irritated scalp. It cleanses the scalp and also reliefs scalp from redness, itchiness, tension and heat.
  • Sebo control shampoo treats oily scalp. It purifies and softens the scalp.
  • Detozifying shampoo is suitable for scalp with thick dead skin cells and clogged pores.
  • Energizing shampoo helps to prevent hair loss and energizes hair growth cycle.

Step 6 - Apply Nature’s Essence Scalp Balancer Balm

  • Nature’s Scalp Balancer Balm is suitable for all scalp and hair type. It helps to balance and restore the PH value of the scalp, relieves itch, and soothing sensation.

Step 7 - Apply Nature’s Essence Vial on scalp with Nano Spray

  • There are three different types of Nature’s Essence Vial that are available to cater to different types of scalp conditions.
  • Anti Hair Loss ampoule helps to prevent hair loss, increase the oxygenation of tissue as well as improve hair growth cycle.
  • Rebalancing ampoule helps to balance sebum production and control excessive oil on the scalp.
  • Anti Dandruff ampoule helps to remove dandruff and impurities on the scalp.
  • Just like Nature’s Essence Lotion, Nature’s Essence ampoule may vary every session depending on the current scalp condition.
  • Nano Spray is also being used during this process as it helps with better absorption and amazing cooling effect *Brrrrrrr*

Step 8 - Run Bio-light over scalp

  • Increase collagen production, repair and stimulate hair cell growth

 After going through all these steps, you’ll be walking out COCOdry feeling COCOConfident!  

Let’s take a look at some of our happy customer’s scalp after their COCOScalp Treatment! *drumrolls*


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