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Davines Circle Chronicles Treatment


Davines Circle Chronicles 

The Davines Circle Chronicles is a multimasking mask designed for every hair and scalp type. It is designed to keep up with your life and ever changing lifestyle. 


The mask is full of colours, full of life, and full of functions!


Damaged hair? Dandruff? Stressed hair?


From giving your scalp an extra break to giving your hair an extra shine, we’ve got what you need!


Although each mask is unique and is designed to cater to your specific needs, our stylists at COCODry will choose two or more different hair masks at the same time. 


The 7 unique mask in the Davines Circle Chronicles range is targeted for amazing and instant results! Whether you are on the go girl or pamper yourself girl, at COCOdry, our stylist will select 2 or 3 out of the 6 types of circle chronicles treatments to address your individual need for your hair and scalp!


 You can also get The Davines Circle Chronicles masks individual packs at COCODry! You can use them at home during your next pamper session or bring them along with you on your next holiday!


The Purity Circle


The Purity Circle is a detoxifying, anti-oxidant, and revitalizing mask for scalp and hair. It eliminates impurities such as dirt, dandruff on scalp. It also has a high conditioning power. Perfect for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors.


Davines The Wake Up Circle 1

The Wake-Up Circle


The Wake-Up Circle helps your hair by giving it extra volume and energy. It also restores scalp tone and hydrates the scalp. This is a go-to mask if you find yourself constantly stressing and need some relaxation.

Davines The Let It Go Circle 1

The Let It Go Circle


The Let it Go Circle is a relaxation mask for your hair and scalp. Just like the name, Let it Go, it’ll make your hair and scalp hydrated, soft and relaxed. It also has a relaxing and sensory scent. Perfect for those who enjoys me time!

Davines The Spotlight Circle 1

The Spotlight Circle


The Spotlight Circle really do make you feel like the spotlight of the night! *wink wink* This mask gives you hair extra shine and moisturizes your hair without weighing it down.

Davines The Renaissance Circle 1

The Renaissance Circle


The Renaissance Circle mask is a deep repairing mask perfect for those who uses hot tools. It gives new life to really damaged hair. It gives a new and healthy look to the hair. Plus, it also makes the hair feels super soft. 


Davines The Quick Fix Circle 1

The Quick Fix Circle


The Quick Fix hair mask is a multitasking hair mask that helps in moisturization, detangling, and gives shine to your hair in under 5 minutes! 


Davines The Restless Circle 1

The Restless Circle


The Restless Circle Mask is perfect for those who does sports activities. It has an anti-breakage and volumizing action. In another word, it helps to strengthen your hair. Perfect for those who uses hair clips and hair ties daily!


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